What I wore - NYE Edition

Firstly - Sorry for my absence! It's been busy over the Christmas period (as it is for everybody, so big welldones from me for keeping on top of it!)
So, I'm coming back with a post of what I wore for new years eve. Now, I didn't go over the top as I didn't go to any fancy parties, just went into my home town with my friends to celebrate the new year.
So here is what I wore:-
Sorry for the bad quality - I haven't yet got my camera sorted but I still wanted to show you what I wore.
Dress is from Newlook, and I'm pretty sure it's in the sale now. It looks rather black here but it has a very definite gold fleck to it which I love! The necklace came attached however I felt it hung too low so I unhooked it from the dress and wore it as an actual necklace. I have fell in love with this and been wearing it with pretty much every outfit over the Christmas period!
Shoes are from misguided, which I got for Christmas from my grandmar and granddad, last time I looked they weren't online anymore so sorry about that!
Clutch is from my mums wardrobe, I ALWAYS forget to take a bag home with me, so I raided my mums draw and found this cream cute little bag, I actually think It went pretty well!
Finally I have my Michael Kors watch on and my new Michael Kors bracelet which I got from my gorgeous boyfriend for Christmas, I love it!
Again - sorry for bad quality!
But its a gorgeous gold bracelet, chunky belt like clasp with orange enamel sides as you can see from the picture! It literally is the most beautiful bracelet, Orange is my favourite colour and it goes perfectly with my orange Pandora ring!
What did you guys where for NYE?
Link your blogs in the comments so I can have a look!


  1. I love your bracelet! You're a lucky girl :D
    Bea x

    1. Aren't I just! Absolutely love it!

  2. i love your dress so much! and your blog is great :)