I'm back!

Hello lovelies, 
I cannot believe I haven't posted since April. However a lot has changed and a lot has happened. I'm currently living in Leeds still in my little flat as a graduate! I graduated from Leeds Met University with a degree in International Tourism Management and I cannot be happier so see that back side of that course! Uni however - I miss it. Then again I always get somber at the start of a new school year and wish I was a fresher again. It will was the best 4 years of my life!! 

So, now I am working as an events and marketing coordinator in the city. I could have a worse job but I then could be doing something I really want to do! So, whist I'm stuck doing that, I'm back to blogging. My only issue is in my new flat I don't have internet yet, so all blogging from now on is done on my phone - inconvenient I know!  

I'm excited to take blogging by the horns and get back into it and hopefully grow my little blog to something I can be proud of! So all in all, this is a hello, I'm back, and I'm ready to work my little but off! 

You'll be seeing me again soon.

Sad day turned great!

Hi Lovelies,
I just wanted to let you all know my sadness today when I went on the Asda website to find out Real Techniques brushes are now matching prices of other stores like Superdrug and Boots. Today is a sad day.
However, in my sadness I plodded along to to see if I could find any bargins and low and behold Real Techniques brushes are there at discounted prices... Oh yes!
The brushes are around £1-£1.99 off original prices and the sets have about £5 off originals. See picture below.
(picture pulled straight from
The pictures doesn't include the sets which are priced at:
Core Collection: £14.65 Saving £6.84
Travel Essentials Kit: £13.98 Saving £7.01
Starter Eye Kit: £14.25 Saving £6.74
and...... Sam's Picks Gift Set (I so wanted this for Christmas): £24.99 Saving £5.00
These can be all bought by clicking here!
I don't know if any of you have been on the website but its similar to fragrancedirect but offering more high end brands at a discounted price.. now I cant say I have bought any beauty from the website but I have purchased perfume and aftershave a couple of times and was actually introduced to the website thought my boyfriends mum!
When pay day comes I will be getting sams picks and the started eye kit! What about you guys?


Hello Lovelies,

So I have taken a massive back step on blogging, but there are a few reasons why...
Firstly, last Friday I handed in my dissertation, 12,000 words of hell. However it is done now (YESS!!)
Here I am writing a short post of what to expect in the next few months.. Posts will be still sparse I still have thousands of words to write for other modules, hats off to the uni bloggers for keeping up on top of everything! But may the 16th, I finish so after that I will be concentrating on providing more content for more pictures, more reviews and outfits, and to tell you the truth I cannot wait to go in full force ahead.

Secondly, on Wednesday I attended a Benefit recruitment day in Doncaster! Im not from Doncaster but it was the nearest one and me and my mum went for a day as I don't get to see here much.
And let me tell you it was fantastic, all the benebabes were lovely and enthusiastic! I got through to the second stage. The first consisted of an interview very informal though so even the shy would feel comfortable.. 9 out of 30 girls got through to the second stage! So as you can tell I was happy.
Second stage was so much fun, playing with the products etc. But sadly didn't gain enough points to get through to the interview with the area manager.. I just wasn't confident enough to stop people and get them to the bar to do their makeup!
However, it really did prove that this is the industry I wanted to be in, doing someone's makeup for the first time that wasn't my friends or family was great! So, tops of to benefit, I love their way of recruiting and in three months time I will be trying another one. Its a fantastic company and that is where I am aiming for at the moment..

So, as I said on my first post, this blog will consist of my story as I go into getting into the industry and I guess you can say.. this is the begging the chapter.

Have any of you attended before? I loved it, really lovely girls who knew what they were doing with such a relaxed attitude.

Talk to you soon! Bare with me whilst I finish university because after that I hope to go for it!

Anything good left in the sales???

So, I should be writing my dissertation...... But, I don't want too sooo.. I started too look in the sales, and I realised there is still some good bargins to be grabbed!
So here are my picks from feelunique:-
Lets start off with the beauty sets..
1. bareMinerals Pout Loud: Loud & Clear Lip Sheer Duo: £12.60 worth £30.. Buy Here! 
2. Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara Set: £15.28 worth £30.. Buy Here!
3. Nails Inc: Nude Colour Collection: £21.25 was £25.. Buy Here!
4. Eco Tools: Fresh and Flawless Brush Set: £10.19 was £11.99.. Buy Here!
I will be trying my hardest to stop myself buying the Nails Inc Nude Collection as the colour are stunning! And the YSL mascara set!
Below £15..
1. Essie Nail Colour, 13.5ml Spring Collection: £9.85 was £10.95.. Buy Here!
2. theBalm, BalmGirls Lipstick (Six colours to choose from): £8.80 was £11.. Buy Here!
3. Millie Machintosh, Soho Lashes: £7.19 was £8.99.. Buy Here!
4. Elegant Touch House of Holland Nails, Heartbreaker: £6.39 was £7.99.. Buy Here!
5. bareMinerals, Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer - original: £12.80 was £16.. Buy Here!
6. theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer: £12.00 was £15.. Buy Here!
My Picks.. bareMinerals Prime time, never tried anything from bareMinerals so would love to start with this. theBalm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer... Again never tried anything from theBalm so desperately want this and the BalmGirls Lipstick!!
What have you been buying in the sales?
Any good picks??

New Years Resolutions?

What are your new years resolutions?
This year I have decided to create ones that I should stick too! I could go on and say I want to become a gym girl and eat no carbs or chocolate. But that is not going to happen...
So here mine are:-
1. Drink more water - how many times have we been told to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day? must be hundreds. I love water so drinking more isn't a problem to me. So cutting out pop and replacing it with water should be an easy move for me!

2. Drink green tea! - apparently the benefits to green tea are sensational and I have heard it helps "speed" up weight loss when dieting and exercising. As this is something I am also doing, however its not in my resolutions as I don't know how likely I am to do it all year round!!

3. Blog some more - I love blogging, I feel I can talk about makeup and not bore anybody, however all my spare time is taken up with university, I'm in my last 3 months... which is seriously scary. But blogging once a week about something, makeup, fashion etc.

4. Save money! - I never have spare money to go buy makeup or a new top, so once a month I am making sure I buy myself a new item of clothing and a new makeup product that I want to try!

5. Wear my glasses more! - I would say when I was at uni before Christmas I had a headache 4/7 days... Not healthy or nice and this is due to not wearing my glasses, early morning and late nights and lots of work and reading. When I was on Christmas break I haven't had one headache, nor have I looked at one book or written 1000 words on Microsoft... So if I'm at uni or on my laptop... glasses on!

Well that's it, my 5 easy to stick to resolutions, ones that I really should stick too.. Obviously I have the standard get fit and loose some weight.. but I don't want to down hearten myself when its comes to February and I haven't been for a run once..... haha

What are yours?


What I wore - NYE Edition

Firstly - Sorry for my absence! It's been busy over the Christmas period (as it is for everybody, so big welldones from me for keeping on top of it!)
So, I'm coming back with a post of what I wore for new years eve. Now, I didn't go over the top as I didn't go to any fancy parties, just went into my home town with my friends to celebrate the new year.
So here is what I wore:-
Sorry for the bad quality - I haven't yet got my camera sorted but I still wanted to show you what I wore.
Dress is from Newlook, and I'm pretty sure it's in the sale now. It looks rather black here but it has a very definite gold fleck to it which I love! The necklace came attached however I felt it hung too low so I unhooked it from the dress and wore it as an actual necklace. I have fell in love with this and been wearing it with pretty much every outfit over the Christmas period!
Shoes are from misguided, which I got for Christmas from my grandmar and granddad, last time I looked they weren't online anymore so sorry about that!
Clutch is from my mums wardrobe, I ALWAYS forget to take a bag home with me, so I raided my mums draw and found this cream cute little bag, I actually think It went pretty well!
Finally I have my Michael Kors watch on and my new Michael Kors bracelet which I got from my gorgeous boyfriend for Christmas, I love it!
Again - sorry for bad quality!
But its a gorgeous gold bracelet, chunky belt like clasp with orange enamel sides as you can see from the picture! It literally is the most beautiful bracelet, Orange is my favourite colour and it goes perfectly with my orange Pandora ring!
What did you guys where for NYE?
Link your blogs in the comments so I can have a look!

What is on my christmas wish list?

With it been only six more days until Christmas! (yes only 6, where has this year gone??)
I thought I would show you what I have kindly asked for Christmas this year.
I do know I have got a few of these already! Lucky lucky me, but I did have to go get colour matched and help my mum get them - plus she came to visit for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, so we had a lovely shopping day.
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - £18.50 Buy Here!
I have been dying to try this for a good year now, and finally, I have asked for it for Christmas! (This is on that I know I have, and oh I am excited for Christmas day!)
Black and Gold Dress - £22.99 Buy Here!
I love this, I'm not so keen about the necklace added on, but it is detachable. Perfect New Years Eve dress for me!
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - £37.00 Buy Here!
Now I know the Naked 3 Palette I out now, but I just have been in love with this one for ages now and haven't been able to afford it, I do love the look of the Naked 3, but not as much as I love the colour selection in this one, I love that there is a deep black, but then all the neutrals that I basically use on a everyday basis! This will be my first Naked palette. I cannot wait to play with this!!
Ted Baker - Large Wash Bag - £29.00 Buy Here!
Again, this has been on my wish list for around a year, and I think I have this I spotted something hiding in one of my mums draws when I went home last weekend. (No I wasn't looking on purpose, I promise!!)
Soap and Glory, One Heck Of A Blot - £12.00 Buy Here!
Again, this is something I have lusted after, read rave reviews but never actually got round to purchasing it. I also feel £12.00 is a lot for a drug store powder, I love Rimmel Stay Matte and that's £4 and I'm happy to pay that, but £12! So, of course I asked for it for Christmas!
Topshop, Zip Side Boots - £80 Buy Here!
Now, lets be honest, how beautiful are these!? Again, I would never buy myself a pare of boots this expensive! (However next winter I am, I must of spent around £100 on £30 boots this winter because they just don't last! So next year, I WILL pay that much and hope they last longer then 2 months!)
I know I wont be getting these for Christmas, because I have another pair off misguided that aren't online anymore, I did want to include a beautiful pair of boots though, and these really are beautiful aren't they!
So, this is my Christmas wish list! What have you got on yours??