I'm back!

Hello lovelies, 
I cannot believe I haven't posted since April. However a lot has changed and a lot has happened. I'm currently living in Leeds still in my little flat as a graduate! I graduated from Leeds Met University with a degree in International Tourism Management and I cannot be happier so see that back side of that course! Uni however - I miss it. Then again I always get somber at the start of a new school year and wish I was a fresher again. It will was the best 4 years of my life!! 

So, now I am working as an events and marketing coordinator in the city. I could have a worse job but I then could be doing something I really want to do! So, whist I'm stuck doing that, I'm back to blogging. My only issue is in my new flat I don't have internet yet, so all blogging from now on is done on my phone - inconvenient I know!  

I'm excited to take blogging by the horns and get back into it and hopefully grow my little blog to something I can be proud of! So all in all, this is a hello, I'm back, and I'm ready to work my little but off! 

You'll be seeing me again soon.