What is on my christmas wish list?

With it been only six more days until Christmas! (yes only 6, where has this year gone??)
I thought I would show you what I have kindly asked for Christmas this year.
I do know I have got a few of these already! Lucky lucky me, but I did have to go get colour matched and help my mum get them - plus she came to visit for the weekend a couple of weeks ago, so we had a lovely shopping day.
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer - £18.50 Buy Here!
I have been dying to try this for a good year now, and finally, I have asked for it for Christmas! (This is on that I know I have, and oh I am excited for Christmas day!)
Black and Gold Dress - £22.99 Buy Here!
I love this, I'm not so keen about the necklace added on, but it is detachable. Perfect New Years Eve dress for me!
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - £37.00 Buy Here!
Now I know the Naked 3 Palette I out now, but I just have been in love with this one for ages now and haven't been able to afford it, I do love the look of the Naked 3, but not as much as I love the colour selection in this one, I love that there is a deep black, but then all the neutrals that I basically use on a everyday basis! This will be my first Naked palette. I cannot wait to play with this!!
Ted Baker - Large Wash Bag - £29.00 Buy Here!
Again, this has been on my wish list for around a year, and I think I have this I spotted something hiding in one of my mums draws when I went home last weekend. (No I wasn't looking on purpose, I promise!!)
Soap and Glory, One Heck Of A Blot - £12.00 Buy Here!
Again, this is something I have lusted after, read rave reviews but never actually got round to purchasing it. I also feel £12.00 is a lot for a drug store powder, I love Rimmel Stay Matte and that's £4 and I'm happy to pay that, but £12! So, of course I asked for it for Christmas!
Topshop, Zip Side Boots - £80 Buy Here!
Now, lets be honest, how beautiful are these!? Again, I would never buy myself a pare of boots this expensive! (However next winter I am, I must of spent around £100 on £30 boots this winter because they just don't last! So next year, I WILL pay that much and hope they last longer then 2 months!)
I know I wont be getting these for Christmas, because I have another pair off misguided that aren't online anymore, I did want to include a beautiful pair of boots though, and these really are beautiful aren't they!
So, this is my Christmas wish list! What have you got on yours??


  1. Ooh the Naked 2 (and 3)palette is on my wishlist too!
    Daniella x

  2. Christmas is literally around the corner, how is this possible?! The Naked 2/3 is going to be very popular this season, I want it too! haha!
    Lovely Wishlist and Happy Holidays!

  3. Great post! I really like your wish list, I also really want the naked 2!