Hello Lovelies,

So I have taken a massive back step on blogging, but there are a few reasons why...
Firstly, last Friday I handed in my dissertation, 12,000 words of hell. However it is done now (YESS!!)
Here I am writing a short post of what to expect in the next few months.. Posts will be still sparse I still have thousands of words to write for other modules, hats off to the uni bloggers for keeping up on top of everything! But may the 16th, I finish so after that I will be concentrating on providing more content for more pictures, more reviews and outfits, and to tell you the truth I cannot wait to go in full force ahead.

Secondly, on Wednesday I attended a Benefit recruitment day in Doncaster! Im not from Doncaster but it was the nearest one and me and my mum went for a day as I don't get to see here much.
And let me tell you it was fantastic, all the benebabes were lovely and enthusiastic! I got through to the second stage. The first consisted of an interview very informal though so even the shy would feel comfortable.. 9 out of 30 girls got through to the second stage! So as you can tell I was happy.
Second stage was so much fun, playing with the products etc. But sadly didn't gain enough points to get through to the interview with the area manager.. I just wasn't confident enough to stop people and get them to the bar to do their makeup!
However, it really did prove that this is the industry I wanted to be in, doing someone's makeup for the first time that wasn't my friends or family was great! So, tops of to benefit, I love their way of recruiting and in three months time I will be trying another one. Its a fantastic company and that is where I am aiming for at the moment..

So, as I said on my first post, this blog will consist of my story as I go into getting into the industry and I guess you can say.. this is the begging the chapter.

Have any of you attended before? I loved it, really lovely girls who knew what they were doing with such a relaxed attitude.

Talk to you soon! Bare with me whilst I finish university because after that I hope to go for it!

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