New Years Resolutions?

What are your new years resolutions?
This year I have decided to create ones that I should stick too! I could go on and say I want to become a gym girl and eat no carbs or chocolate. But that is not going to happen...
So here mine are:-
1. Drink more water - how many times have we been told to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day? must be hundreds. I love water so drinking more isn't a problem to me. So cutting out pop and replacing it with water should be an easy move for me!

2. Drink green tea! - apparently the benefits to green tea are sensational and I have heard it helps "speed" up weight loss when dieting and exercising. As this is something I am also doing, however its not in my resolutions as I don't know how likely I am to do it all year round!!

3. Blog some more - I love blogging, I feel I can talk about makeup and not bore anybody, however all my spare time is taken up with university, I'm in my last 3 months... which is seriously scary. But blogging once a week about something, makeup, fashion etc.

4. Save money! - I never have spare money to go buy makeup or a new top, so once a month I am making sure I buy myself a new item of clothing and a new makeup product that I want to try!

5. Wear my glasses more! - I would say when I was at uni before Christmas I had a headache 4/7 days... Not healthy or nice and this is due to not wearing my glasses, early morning and late nights and lots of work and reading. When I was on Christmas break I haven't had one headache, nor have I looked at one book or written 1000 words on Microsoft... So if I'm at uni or on my laptop... glasses on!

Well that's it, my 5 easy to stick to resolutions, ones that I really should stick too.. Obviously I have the standard get fit and loose some weight.. but I don't want to down hearten myself when its comes to February and I haven't been for a run once..... haha

What are yours?



  1. Wearing glasses more is one resolution I always set myself.. and I always fail! Here's to both of us getting to 2015 with the glasses-wearing nailed!
    I've followed you on bloglovin and google+ because I think your blog is so cute and chic, hopefully you can do the same? :)

  2. Haha tell me about it! Always forget and most of the time they are in my bag!!
    Absolutely! Thankyou for your lovely words. Ill have a look now

  3. I deliberately stayed away from new years resolutions this year, I'm useless with them

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

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