University stress!

So, Maybe I started a blog at the completely wrong time for me, I'm currently in the middle of my Third year as a said in my last post, however it's exam period.
Not only does this mean I'm a busy bee 24/7, it means it makes me want to cry from morning until night! Haha.
I will keep posting on this blog every now and then but until my third year is over I cant imagine I'll become a "Blogger" any time soon. However when my third year is over (May 2014) is when I really will start taking this seriously. But until then I have a BIG to do list..
This actually includes getting my camera fixed, because until then there will be no pretty makeup pictures!
So, while I write this I should be doing my essay, which the deadline is five days earlier than I thought. Yes I have gone into complete panic mode, and the only thing I could think of doing is writing my second ever post. haha. Priorities right?
So until I have some spare time to post again, Maybe I will do a "What I got for Christmas" post, because there is quite a few makeup items on my list!!
Casey May

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